Need a letter of recommendation for graduate school?

If you are applying for graduate study in psychology or a related field and need letters of recommendation, choose faculty members who know your work and interests and provide them with the following information:

1. Schedule a meeting so that you can chat about your goals and plans.

2. Put together a packet with the following TYPED information:

a. Who is to receive the recommendation and by what deadline?

b. Your educational goals, what specific program you are applying for at what institution, and your near and long term career goals.

c. How does the faculty member know you? (what courses were you in, what grades did you get, what papers did you write, what work did you do together)

d. Your overall and psychology course QPAs, an unofficial transcript (obtainable through the college web site), and any entrance examination scores the school you are applying to may require (e.g., GRE Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytic scores; GRE Advanced scores; LSAT scores). If you know the scores, what are they? Any reason that these scores or your QPA understate your true ability?

e. Work, internship, or volunteer activities relevant to your educational or career goals.

f. Research activity you were involved in. What, with whom, what did you do?

g. Anything that makes you special (the personal statement you put together for the school you are applying to would be good for this purpose).

h. The recommendation form itself and a stamped, addressed envelope
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