So you want to enroll in Psychology Practicum (Psy 498)?

That's a great idea, but first you need to know some things about it. Our practicum course gives three hours credit for 120 hours of supervised experience at an approved site. The course is divided into sections based on your broad area of interest. For example, the clinical/counseling area is under Psy 498C and the school psychology area is under Psy 498D. Check out our current Psycholopedia for a full listing of practica available. Once you decide on an area, you should meet with the faculty member in charge of it:

The faculty member is likely to direct you to the practicum experiences of past students. Reading them will help you decide where you want to go, if you haven't already. You can get a head start on that reading by looking at the 'Regarding Psychology Practica' section on PopularPages. Each type of practicum has its own page wherein different sites are listed. To read many of these pages you will need to be a member of the wiki. Join by following the directions on UserSettings You can also view many supervisor interviews conducted by past practicum students on our practicum interview section on You Tube at Psychology Practicum Supervisors.

Next, contact your practicum site and determine whether they can accommodate you. Then review the Practicum Syllabus. It contains the learning goals for the course as well as an explanation of the application process. Next, work on the application. You can see it here in pdf format: Practicum Application. Print a copy, complete all parts, and have your faculty advisor sign it. If you have questions, bring them up with the faculty advisor. You will then need to obtain the signature of your practicum on-site supervisor. Then you are ready to turn in the application to the department chair, who will actually enroll you in the course.

Once you begin your practicum, your college supervisor will be Mrs. Denise Akin, who can answer any of your questions from that point on. (You can view a video of Mrs. Akin discussing her background and work here: Mrs. Akin YouTube Interview.) You must maintain a log of your practicum experiences that includes references to how your academic learning in courses was useful or relevant for your experiences and how your learning goals for the practicum were achieved. That log is entered into a page on this wiki. Look under PopularPages for the practicum wiki pages of past students as guides for what you should write. It is very important that you maintain full confidentiality in your log. No clients can be identified by name, but it is appropriate to give your site supervisor's name.

Finally, when your experience is finished, notify Mrs. Akin that you have completed your hours. Then two final steps are required. First, your site supervisor will be asked to complete an online rating form. You can see a copy at PracticumSupervisorRating. Mrs. Akin will send the link to your supervisor. Second, you may be asked to conduct and video record an interview of your supervisor. Mrs. Akin will provide information on how to conduct the interview.

Good luck! Practicum is a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself in the real world and we hope it helps you determine a career path.
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